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Christian Reptiles.

The Spiritual Reptile-

As all of you know reptiles are cold blooded, they receive the heat they need to maintain a proper body temperature from an outside source. They are dependent on transferred heat and cannot create their own.

The Christian lizard too cannot produce his or her own heat, no! He or she must bask in the glorious sun of righteous radiance for such a thing.

Plants also are dependent on sunlight to produce sustaining food for themselves and then only then can they produce fruit and magnificent aromatic blossoms.

The Christian flower is reliant on the light of God’s presence and the “Water of Life” for his or her life. Yes and the soil of the word and fellowship of fellow saints to bloom as they ought!

Apart from Christ’s Spirit moving through us we cannot be on fire for God, no! We are as humans cold by nature to the things of God. For as it is written, “There is none righteous, not a one, there is no one who seeks God”

We all too are even as those made new defendant on God’s grace to keep our hearts warm. For if he withdrew even from a saved soul even that soul would return back to ice.

The Car Battery Christian.

Imagine your life in Christ as like a car battery. Imagine a car without an alternator and with only a fully charged battery. Sure the battery may stay charged for a few hours, at best, but as soon as its charge is depleted it goes dead. The alternator’s job is to maintain the battery life and sustain it’s charge. Now tell me who is a Christian that is drained? A person who is not drawing power and strength from The Almighty Alternator!