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Soul Carbs

Ever noticed when you eat fast food you seem to get hungrier? One may start of getting a dollar burger than end up with medium fries and a hot fudge sundae to finish it off. This is also true for our souls. We often look to spiritual junk food to satisfy our hunger as opposed to the Lord himself. We often like the Israelites make a “golden calf” out of worldly things when we feel like God has abandoned us or moved from us.

Psalms 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

So often what we think we need is not what we truly need so we grab for it in so many other things other than the Lord’s unfailing love and sustaining presence to satisfy our hungry hearts.

Real Success!

How often do we view success or future success from a worldly standpoint. We think that that those raised in good homes, with good parents, who can give pay for a good education for their kids guarantees they will turn out right or successful. At times we may even view obstacles as barriers to a good future. Or from a Christian standpoint we may view persecution as an unwanted obstacle to the gospel however as Paul in prison said “God’s word is not chained” and neither is our future that God has for us if we trust him.

People think that highly influential people or those with great backgrounds have the greatest shot at success. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. James 2:5 says “Listen, my dear brothers: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him?

A Christian who goes through challenge after challenge is often the one who is strong in faith. And a strong faith is a rare and precious jewel

Faith: Struggling with besetting sins?

This has recently been revealed to me that in my past I had so much trouble letting go of certain sins as a Christian not because I loved to wallow in sin but because I deep down believed I would never break free from certain things. I think many Christians feel this way about certain besetting sins or habits.

Matthew 14:28-30
“Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.”29 “Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.30 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!

“Lord if it is you,” sometimes we like Peter can doubt if God is calling us to do something so we may ask “Lord if it is you” and then add “tell me to come to you on the water”

The water itself represents the impossible, but Jesus says “Come,” and God will never command us to do what he wont enable us to. One may say “what if he calls me to give up everything?” or “what if he calls me to die for him?” Well we know that the Apostle Paul not only gave up all for the gospel, lived for the gospel sake as well as died for the gospel sake and he would say according to : 1 Corinthians 15:10 But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them—yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me.

“Not I, but the grace of God” now if Jesus commands “Come” will he not also equip?