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Reason that Absolute Good and Evil Exist.

If you want to know truly whether a moral relativist actualy believes right and wrong are subjective, all you have to do is pretend to steal something that belongs to one of them and see how quickly they will object and tell you it is not right to steal. After all “that’s not fair” and not to pick on these individuals but I have seldom ran into even a non Christian who will say the Holocaust was a mere matter of relativism and it was subjective to the morals of that time- we all know good and well the Holocaust was wrong and Hitler was an evil man and 99% of people even relativists and moral non absolutists will tell you they think slavery was wrong in early America. If there is no absolutes then this statement would also be null invoid because in order for it to actually be true it could not contain a definative “No” there because to say “no” would create an “absolute” in this sentence structure and would render this an oxymoron. To say there were few absolutes even would make the statement truer, even though there are more then just a few absolutes but to suggest there are “no absolutes” means it is absolutely beyond possibility an absolute can exsist. So it would contradict itself.