Smoke In His Nostrils

“Keep away, I’m too sacred for you” were what they said to others, as if their sins were not significant or weighty. Yet the nation had already become unholy in her conduct and God said, “Such people are smoke in my nostrils, a fire that keeps burning all day.”
Many people don’t like the smell of smoke, in fact some hate the smell so much that they don’t want to be around people who smoke at all. Yet our sins are what make us wreak of a stench that God does not want to catch a wiff of.
These people judged the sin of others and said, “Keep away, I’m to sacred for you.” Yet God said in essence to them, “You keep away from me for you have become like smoke in my nostrils.”
God loves people, he hates their sin. Imagine if your loved one, wife, daughter, son or close person to you developed some disease to where they just smelled like rotting flesh. Does your love for them make them in that case easy to be around? What if they smelled so bad, that you felt like gagging or puking every time they came into the room. 
Suppose there was a way to make it so they could be cured. Then you gave it to them and they said, “Sorry, if you love me you ought accept me as I am.” 
Yet then they have made it so even though you love them, they cannot be around you ever again because they smell completely nauseating. In fact, you will suffer health issues if you are close to them.
In OT times a leper had to be excommunicated to a colony made for lepers. Even the closest family could not be around them unless they too had the disease. Leprosy was a disease that would damage tissue and cause oozing sores but also attacks the nervous system. 
Yet spiritually leprous people cannot stand in the presence of the Lord and their sin must be cleansed. Jesus Christ is the Savior that takes our sin away and makes us clean, so we can now be close to God.
When people reject that cure, they choose to cling to leprous ways that keep God saying “Keep away”


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