Soul Rest

Often we may misconstrue what this means. Does this mean being a Christian is easy? No. Does it mean life will be problem free if you follow Christ? No. 

However, it is different strength we gain when we truly rest in Him by faith. When our strength fails, His shows itself in us to be supernatural to meet whatever challenge we face.
To yoke ourselves under the yoke of Christ means, we submit to Him. When our hearts are submitted to Him, His Spirit takes the steering wheel and we no longer strain like a little train that kept pep talking himself “I think I can, I think I can” but rather His power begins to steer us and enable us to carry life’s difficult loads. To carry heavy bundles, such as guilt, shame, fear, worry, – these are not bundles in Christ’s yoke He wants us to carry. He wants us to realize our sin, repent and then come under His Lordship by faith. Then when a man or woman turns to Christ in faith and seeks His forgiveness for sins, He comes to live inside our hearts, by the Spirit, and He begins to be the power we need!
So Christian, if your yoke seems heavy right now and you are struggling and straining at the oars like the disciples in the storm, perhaps your not letting Jesus be in the boat. Perhaps somehow, you put Him out there, and now are trying to live for Christ in human effort without realizing it.
Ask first, “Is my struggle created by something God truly wants me to carry? Did God have me take this on, or did I just assume he did and now am overwhelmed?”
Second, “If he has called me to do this or that, how much daily time to I give Him in my day to invite His presence into my life?”
Thirdly, “Am I carrying a load in my mind that Scripture teaches I should not assume responsibility for, such as worrying about the future and things beyond my control?
Fourth helpful question, “in light of Scripture, what do my thoughts I think on reflect. Do they reflect what Scripture says is ‘true, lovely, right, pure, admirable, excellent’? (See Philippians 4)
The mind can also if directed negatively, multiply life’s heavy loads. A tired heart and mind is a tired life!


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