Frail Human Love Poem

Don’t be foolish and sacrifice those who care about you to try to obtain love from those who care nothing about you.

Thats insanity at a high level.

Some people won’t care about you just because there is something wrong with who they are.

By all means don’t treat God’s love as second best either by becoming so engrossed over who loves you or not.

“Human love can be a spider thread, at it’s best, it can still be severed when they are dead.

God is eternal and His love has no end, turn to Him and he will receive you and call you friend.

Though He is superior, he treats you with value and bestows upon you grace. Don’t you long for the warmth of His smiling face?

Or will you turn from that and trust the flimsy arm of flesh. Though good intentioned maybe, yet still so weak at its very best.

Those who you look to for aid, may be willing but impotent to render aid, and those who could would not lift a finger or be of use for shelter or shade.

Yet to turn to Him who is good and able, this does keep ones soul so stable!

Trust not what is weak or ill, trust not man who has by sin become poisoned will.

What is man, but borrowed breath, that will go down to the grave and sleep in death.

Trust not the wealthy or powerful man, for what does he have? He thinks himself strong as iron but is as frail as sand.

When winds of loss or strong gust of his latter days sweep forth and devour his flesh, he will grow weak in dying breath. He goes down in weakness and mortal pain, then everyone forgets his power and great fame.

To the dust he returns, just as the still born does, just like a animal that dies, or a bird fallen from the air on high, so too does the strong man die. Though he soars in the clouds and may be caught in winds of pride, his wings give way in his time, and he falls to the earth and abandons his sky.

The mighty man may feel he is an oak, and stands immovable and rests secure, yet when he mightily falls, they that thought him a invincible oak see how quick he goes up in smoke. Fires of old age consume his vitality and he too comes to nothing.

Yet the man whose roots go down in his God, become stronger still, they bear fine fruit inspite of winter chill.

They grow strong and stand tall, for they grow into firm soil of the Lord Himself and He is their mighty upholding hand. They do not trust their roots to soil that is much like sand.

God is alone eternally strong and great, to lay our roots in Christ we will to share in His eternal estate.

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