Fragile Humanity Poem

Even the most mighty of man can surely attest, he too at once was a helpless infant at his mothers breast.

People grow strong and feel they have power, yet what is man? Any of us could die within just an hour.

None of us are as fortified as we think, because at anytime into the ground we too can sink.

You were born from a confined space, yet we too will be lowered into a confined place all the same.

Live for Him and retain your self. Don’t live for vanity, fame or wealth.

For you do that, you will be forgotten and just be some memory on some “years ago” shelf.

That person once did that, they now are dead. Yet even if you have great fame at death, the dead don’t enjoy what living splendor they thought they did possess. You cannot do that as a corpse but only if you have in you your living breath.

To live for self is to forfeit soul. For the only thing you share with those who are “less then” is you too go down into a hole.

Live for Him who died for you, for then you will live a life that will last and be fully true!

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