The Invitation

Jesus would often say “To him who has a ear let him hear”

Jesus’s invitation to His mercy and message of forgiveness is not excluding anyone who will turn to Him by faith and believe the Gospel, receive His forgiveness and new life He wants to give people.

Many may think, “I am too bad to ever be forgiven” but let that person understand is “You would not need forgiveness or mercy from Holy God if you were good enough for Him.”

God’s message of redemption through Jesus Christ is not for the “Righteous” but sinners. And as we see in Romans 3, it says “There is none righteous”

Meaning every single person is sinful enough for God to condemn. Meaning, not one of us was saved through Christ because we were good enough to get Him to die on the cross for us. That’s insane. Because if He saw you as good he would not have offered Himself up as a fragrant sacrifice to cover your sin debt.

Many misunderstand Jesus’s words to the proud self righteous Pharisees, when he said, “I have not come to call the righteous but the sinners to repentence”

Yet Jesus was not saying the Pharisees were righteous at all, but challenging their attitude toward Him for sharing his good news with “prostitutes and “taxcollectors” and “sinners”

The religious leaders failed to recognize their sin and receive Jesus with joy and gladness and faith. If they had done so they too would have been shown mercy also.

However, the sin of pride can be far more wretched then even that of the whores and extortionists. Only because the proud heart refuses to acknowlege it’s need for cleansing. Yet often those who live in shame and guilt and realize the mess they are in are closer to possibly receiving God’s great gift of mercy and newness of life.

We are all a mess apart from Him, we are all slaves to sin apart from Christ. As soon as we see we are no better off then any other sinner we can then truly receive forgiveness for ourself without pointing fingers toward everyone else!

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