The Wages Of Sin

Sin leads to death here and to eternal seperation from God- yet let’s really consider how true this verse really is and I think even most non Christians who may read this would not argue that for example: alcoholism has led to death and broken families throughout generations. Sexual decisions that the Bible would call sin have led to increase in transmitted diseases. Being a bitter person even leads to physical strain on the heart ans cardio vascular system, and prolonged stress like this as well as anxiety will take their toll on ones physical body the longer one lives like this year after year. We also have all heard stories Im sure of somebody who got caught up with the wrong crowd and suffered for it and even died. People who get caught up in a lifestyle of crime can meet an untimely end. Heard a story once from another Christian who had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a man paralyzed from the neck down, who was a former gang member but after he was shot he spends the remainder of his life wheelchair bound and communicates with blinking. The man who shared with him asked if he wanted to receive Christ’s forgiveness for his sins and he indicated so with his eyes.

Yet tragic stories like these are very hard to hear about because it is not enjoyable to watch people suffer the result of sin and poor choices in life.

We subconciously can fool ourselves and think some sin is fairly harmless- yet even things like impatience can hurt or kill people. For example, impatience while driving a car can actually lead to a serious accident and cost people damage or their life.

Taking lazy shortcuts at jobs can too, and some jobs you cannot afford to do a haphazard job because it can cost serious reprecussions.

Jesus Christ died for our sins so that we can turn to Him and receive His forgiveness ans freeing power to no longer live for sin. As Christians we often will fail to walk as rightly as we want to yet His power is working to year upon year deliver us more from the sins that would so easily entangle and hinder us. After we turn to Him for salvation and trust Him as Lord and Savior he begins a new work in our hearts and lives that carries on until we die and he receives us into His Presence. Yet we must turn to Him and acknowlege our desperate need and then receive both His cleansing grace and lay hold of that call “Follow me!”

Thats what it means to be a Christian. The term Christian actually means “Little Christ” and what that really means is we are his disciples and are called to walk just as he did. We will never compare to Jesus’s greatness but it is an honor to aspire to follow his ways.

There is only One Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, yet he wants us to reflect His ways to the world around us!


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