At The Feet Of Jesus

In the case of Ruth, she lay at the feet of Boaz to propose, and seek him to redeem her. Under the Law if a man died and left a widow, the brother of the deceased would assume the role as redeemer and marry the widow to ensure the dead brother’s widow could survive by giving her offspring. In Ruth’s case, her husband did die and she instead of returning to Moab as her sister had done, she pledged her loyalty to Naomi her mother in law and the God of Israel. Boaz was related to this story because he had a right to redeem her if the one person who was yet still closer declined to do so, and this happened. So she shortly before lays down at the feet of Boaz to seek to show her desire to be provided for and marry Boaz. Yet this story is not just in Scripture to show some wonderful love story between just a man and a woman. Through Ruth and Boaz, came a few generations later David, the king of Israel who God said he would have a descendent come to forever rule in Israel.

This has come through Christ who came to save the nation and the World. Through Christ salvation – he brought many to be under his feet/ the Church, the people redeemed by faith, are under the feet of Christ in submission to the Savior who suffered and died to raise to life in faith and make a body of people loyal to God. Symbolically the new woman- the Church has fallen at the foot of the cross- and Christ honors those who draw near in faith to pledge their loyalty and seek His redemptive salvation from sin!

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