Fruit of Keeping With Repentence

John the Baptist saw the Pharisees show up, he knew they had not come to hear him for the sake of the repentence he was preaching on. Infact whenever people like that showed up, they were looking for a opportunity to trap Jesus in what he said- so they could have him killed. However, John the Baptist and Jesus never got put to death until God had allowed. John eventually got put to death after being imprisoned by Herod for calling him out on an adulterous relationship he had. Funny thing about Herod was he seemed slightly intrigued and would send for John to hear him but eventually the woman he was with had pursuaded her daughter to ask for John’s head on a platter – after Herod opened his mouth and promised the daughter whatever she wished (watching the daughter do some dance) Herod got so excited over that provocative little show he made an oath infront of dinner guests (Being to worried of what others thought- he consented to have John’s head cut off when the daughter of Herodias asked/ she got some pursuasion from her mother)

Yet John’s death resulted- and Jesus eventually was handed over by the betrayer Judas, and the chief priests, pharisees and scribes were delighted in this.

Yet the below passage was earlier on in John’s ministry, and he is preparing them for the entrance Jesus makes – he says “Repent” and Jesus came showing the people the solution for sin is in Him. Jesus often would say “Believe the Goodnews” and salvation requires “Repent” and “Believe” because on one hand we turn from sin, and on the other, we receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour for forgiveness of sin.

Many in our time have gotten confused and some think, “Just belief” yet repentence and faith – believing the Gospel is the answer. To only superficially have some intellectual belief does not save, because James warns, “Even the demons believe and shudder” but to truly enter into freedom and true faith one must turn from sin (Repent) to (Believe) – Receive the Gospel that Christ died for the forgiveness of sins and rose from the dead so we can have newness of life- and eternal life to come:

To just believe in Jesus yet not obey him or follow him does not make us disciples but mere spectators like the Pharisees or Herod who seemed curious and nosy, and offended.


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