Don’t Hurt Your Witness

A pregnant mother is told not to smoke because it could endanger the life of the baby being formed in her body. Yet the spiritual truth is, that many non Christians watch the lives of Christians and if we let spiritual smoke of our own shortcomings and sin effect those watching, we are endangering the example we ought to set for those who yet to know the living hope we have and yet to have the rebirth that brings new life, spiritual life! Now this is a good and challenging reminder I think since – we never know how our example will effect those around us! We could say “My sin, my business” but thats like a pregnant woman smoking saying “My body and I do what I want” and of course such a mindset is purely self centered. We though in a sense could fall prey to the same error in a different outworking, and for a Christ follower to act as though their personal sin does not effect others, the Body (God’s people) or the people who do not yet believe—to think that our sin is just personally effecting us and not anyone elses business, then think again. Jesus Christ will judge the World for her sins but also call into account believers too and we do not want to feel shame over lost opportunities that we missed because we were so foolish!


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