The Wall Of Sin Destroyed

He long for her yes over the wall, he longed for her yet she hated him, and hedged him out with her hostility and sin.

He still loved her despite her ways, and he bore contempt from her and angry glaring gaze.

He bore the pain and an unjust death, he loved her to his dying breath. On the cross, he bore her sins so he could bring her close again. They said “Come on down from on the cross, save yourself if you truly are the Son of God” yet refused to prove his rightful name, so he could save her and make her his claim. He suffered sinners fury and angry eyes for those he saved- she was his prize. What was the reward of his suffering? Was it not his beloved? Those who once ran from him, sinned against him and rejected him in her faithless ways- so that she could be his treasure till the end of days. Forever his, and redeemed and love, that was why God sent His beloved Son from heaven above. Love so deep and costly that it was, for we benefit far more from Him then he could ever from us. Yet this is love and the humble heart of God, that he took upon himself His wrathful rod. To make us clean and close to Him, he suffered from us for our guilt and sin.

Jesus Christ is The Loving God who came to bring humankind close again and years and years he had patiently waited and had to see our sin. He came to enter this world at the proper time to redeem us from our truest crime. We all forsook him in our ways, yet He died for us at the end of His days. He suffered torment and was hung to die, but for a Beloved redeemed sinful race that had caught his eye.

It is written, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved” yet some have said, “I must first be better and clean up my ways” – but throw that notion in to the wind, for no good works can erase our sin. He freely pardons and will graciously cast our sins into the depths of the sea. Turn to Him and away from sin, then he will give you newness in life and a fresh start again. You cannot atone by doing a thing, but surrender your all to your Loving King. A King who bore the griefs of peasants and lowly wretches- who did not use His glorious place of honor to keep himself too out of reach, yet humbled himself, lived among us and his ways he did teach. He at the end knew what he must be a sacrifice, because poor sinner, for your sin, death is the price. For all of our sins we earn God’s penalty- but he loved poor sinners who were so ugly. He saw his love displayed could make us truly lovely.

No one is good enough to barter with God- but the beauty of the Gospel is He wanted us for no reason in our own self or conduct. As a father pitied his children who cannot give him a thing- He gave us the garments of loving grace and put his love upon us like a gold ring. Can a man benefit God? No. Does God desire his creation? Yes. Does God delight in the lips of their adoration, certainly so, yet was it you or I that made God love us, then this is a resounding no!

Simple truth- God loved us not because we could, not because we were worthy but because He is filled with mercy, compassion and is benevolent.

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