The Two People Reconciled

So much deeper to me then ever! God is at work doing amazing glorious things!

Saw something when looked toward the door and saw the cross design but also noticed, how it is like Jesus is stretching out his arms wide to pull two offended parties close to one another. Also the cross has an verticle way too. So Jesus not only horozontaly brings two offended parties together but also brought us close to God who also has been offended by our sin. The Cross of Christ both atoned for sins of people against people, but just as much also, sins against Holy God!

Two people- The Lord Jesus suffered at the hands of of, Jews and Gentiles. Not only was The Lord rejected by His beloved Israel whom he delighted to lead out of the cruelty of Egyptian captivity, she rejected her Savior whom the Lord long ago prophesied would come for her. She then conspired with Gentiles- the Romans. They beat him, stripped him and divided up his clothes, mocked him, taunted him as he bled to show how much he loved both Israel and pagan peoples who were once scorned by Israel ans rejected as being a people of God. Yet they tapped and tapped nails through his hands and this time the life of God in human form was sacrificed and not an animal. Yet they crucified the LORD who had brought them up from the lands that enslaved them. He found Israel in the desert of her captors and brought hef into the land he had for her. Yet she scorned him and ran to the arms of gods who offered her no salvation or help. Many times he forsook her in anger yet as it is written “When he could bear Israel’s misery no longer” he rose up deliverers to save hrr from the enemies whom preyed upon her- yet when the judge died they prostituted themselves with other gods and idols of wood and stone. Though he had loved His own like a daughter and was faithful to her like a husbsnd to a woman whom he adores, she deserted him in her prosperity and forgot him in her abundance, so the Lord gave her into the hands of those nations she prostituted herself with. Then He came, the Deliverer, Jesus Christ the Very image of The Lord their God.

He lived among his Beloved and in compassion he walked in her midst, he taught in her streets and healed her sick, and performed miracles for His beloved people. Yet he failed her expectation of what she wanted Him to do, indeed she thought he came to free her from Rome. Yer He came to bring her close to His heart once more and though in ancient time he struck her people with plagues, war and captivity, blight and mildew- to turn her to Him, He knew that no matter what He did, the day would come where he had to let himself be in her hands to suffer for her. He allowed his throne of glory to be abandoned for a little while for her sake and those who are now redeemed as beloved, adopted by grace and mercy, that not by our acts of righteousness ans loyalty to God dod any of us receive this adootion but “Because he loved them” he gave himself voluntarily to her cruelty. Then by her redeming Savior he made it possible for all to receive His goodness and salvation! Through her rebellion , the World has been included by means of faith through our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise be to God who has worked yhroughout the ages to accomplish His will and no man has frustrated this.

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