There are things that when lit on fire produce a stench yet other things the exact opposite, in order to let the frangrance truly permeate the air fire must be used. We may look at our suffering in life as Christians even with a wrong view. Because we often think God is able to use us best when we feel able, strong, and things seem to be going well, when we think we are being most effective for Christ may be actually less then when fiery trials set our lives ablaze. Yet through the hope, joy and peace being produced by The Holy Spirit we may be actually letting off more of a fragrance then when we seem to have few problems.

Not to say God wont use us when things go well but a light or candle always is most visible in a pitch black room.

The Psalmist said “Let my prayer come up before you like fragrant incense.”

God is pleased when we are expressing praise and thanksgiving even when life is hard. God is pleased by our faithfulness and love shown to him when things are not peachy. It is often far easier to thank God when all is well then the exact opposite. And that takes His power working inside.

Other things when fire burns against them produce odor or noxious fumes. So if someone who is suffering grumbles and is cynical, that is odor.

The work of grace is supernatural. Our human tendency is to groan and gripe when life gets set ablaze with fires of hardship but as believers we have hope, and can have joy and peace inspite of the hardships we face!


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