Pharoah Lost His Firstborn Because He Sinned and God Lost His Cause You and I Did.

Find it interesting how in the story of Moses God told Moses to go save the Israelites from Pharoah and the Egyptians but he basically said “Oh and by the way I am going to harden Pharoah’s heart so he wont respond” and throughout the story the first few plagues it said, “And Pharoah hardened his heart” then after a certain number of catastrophies in the land of Egypt and on Pharoah’s household, it says “And God hardened Pharoah’s heart”

Romans 1 speaks of God giving people up to a reprobate mind. After a certain amount of resisting it is possible to harden ones heart so far God gives up on them- though its not to say we know where that is in other people’s lives and even our own but Jesus teaches about “Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit” ans there comes some point where sufficient knowlege and God’s patience has been extended to try to reach people and they “harden their hearts”

Pharoah was hardened especially because of pride and in Egyptian belief systems, Pharoahs were considered to be the chief of the Egyptian gods. So we can see how this man let this go to his head. There were plagues and each of them challenged one of the Egyptian Dieties, and last God smote Pharoah’s own firstborn son. Since Pharoah thought he was a god and now suffers such a loss, it is also assumable Pharoah’s ego got a deathblow too, but he briefly consented to let the people go but then changed his mind to go after them and sealed his fate.

God gives an invitation through the message of Christ that He smites his own son for our sins so we can be set free from sin, slavery to sin that holds us captive in the metaphorical Egypt of sin. Slavery to fear and doing what is wrong but cannot break free from. These things destroy us, “The wages of sin is death” Romans says, and “But the gift of God is Eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord”

Christ suffered death to put an end to spiritual plagues and often we suffer so much without realizing it pursuing sin. In the Law of Moses, in Deuteronomy 28, there is curses for disobedience and plagues that follow- yet if we only see this as an obsolete OT passage we lose sight of the bigger story. These Israelites even after they entered the promised land suffered these because they failed to keep God’s laws and decrees and eventually a foreign nation took them captive as a fulfillment to this passage. How does Christ fit in? He takes on the wrath of God for a Law that neither they could keep or we could, and by turning to him God’s justice is served by Christ’s death and suffering on the sinners behalf. God saved us by true faith in His Son’s Sacrifice and reaurection and then Christ becomes a law within us- he becomes our power to live the righteous life we cannot on our own. He moves our heart’s to love and enables us to be humble and do good. Yet this if because of a gift, not because we could earn or measure up. Pharoah suffered the loss of his son for his own sin, but God suffered the loss of His own son for your’s and mine.

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