Broken For Only A Short Time

Arrived at the job a little early and was about to park in my usual spot when saw this- just the other day I had recalled something in a sermon I heard once about ancient times where shepherds that had a sheep wander would find the sheep, break the legs and then nurse the sheep back to health and wholeness. Seems like from our modern perspective inhumane and cruel but in those times sheep were very easy prey for wolves, lions and other predators that would end the sheeps life permanently. The shepherd was more concerned with the straying sheeps life then it’s temporary comfort. The way the sheep would not do that again and endanger its life was often not the most pleasant of circumstances. God allows pain to try to turn us from death- eternal and long term life sorrows. Many people who now are following Christ probably have stories of how they hit rock bottom before they were rescued. I have heard some powerful testimonies. That cane there beside the handicap spot reminds me of how God sometimes disables and wounds us for a short time to bring us to a place he can bestow his even greater favor! Psalms 30 tells us, “For his anger last only a moment but his favor lasts a lifetime, weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.”

A few applications-Trust God’s compassion and loving character when you know someone who you love may be far from the Lord and also entrust your very soul also to him because there have been many times he broke my spiritual legs also but brought greater wholeness out of it. Like a doctor fixing a broken nose- he has to rebreak it to reset the bone. Now you trust a doctor to fix a broken nose so how much more can God fix our broken souls. Jesus died to save us from our brokeness and sin- and he was in a sense broken too in the process under the weight of your sin and mine because he loved us/Happy good friday


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