Remodling Projects

Years ago mom and dad had the house remodled, namely the kitchen and bathroom. Now that I look back, we used to have a penisula countertop in the kitchen that mom was not to fond of.

Then it got me seeing a paralel- The Lord often seems to rip things out of our lives and we grieve that certain things, people or what we thought was awesome got removed! However, the new kitchen was far more nice then the old one.

Often we may say, “Lord why did you yank that? Or why are you witholding from me!”

First off, just as the house we live in is for our enjoyment and our use, the house did not build itself or exist for itself- if the house could protest it might say during the process_ “My poor kitchen, why did you rip my kitchen out, my poor kitchen of where you eat and entertain and feed family and guests? Oh this does not make sense! Your plan seems so cruel and I hope you did not move into me to destroy me!”

However, the house was being improved and though there was a season of kitchenlessness- poor house lost some nails and screws all across the ground like we often drop tears over what God does we do not understand.

We are made by God, and for God, and our selfcentered wills can trap us into a lie if we do not watch closely. The lie is, “You can experience more happiness and fulfillment without God managing your life” Yet the Devil used this approach with Eve and her husband in the garden also- he baited them with the lie that the fruit God told them not to eat would give them some enjoyment God held back! So they settled to follow a lie that ended in misery and sin to this day.

So indeed, what if the house I live in had despaired that it would never see another day of laughter and gathering in kitchen life again. Yet the kitchen was not gone forever, it was being remade into something more able to be used for it’s original purpose. The peninsula countertop made it difficult for all of us in wheelchairs, and besides mom did not particularly like the look of it.

The point is, God may seemingly cut into us and remove things or allow us to suffer loss of a dream- kitchen, or so it seems. Yet in reality he is often up to something more magnificent then we could dream up. God’s first objective in us as Christians, according to the Bible, is to conform us to the image of Christ. He wants us to reflect more of Christ’s attitudes, love, humility, patience, purity, holiness, wisdom and more!

See—(Romans 8:29, Romans 12, John 15)

God uses difficulties to develop in us greater faith, deeper love and stronger endurance.

See—(Hebrews 6:12, Hebrews 10:35, and James 1.)

God is not witholding good from us but wants us to trust that his time and his deffinition of good is better then our own. For example: A father who is wise knows that his son is not ready to handle a fire arm and go hunting until he is shown proper gun use. And a father of a teenager does not just let the teenager use the car without knowing how to drive and legally being able to.

So God has times where he delays and puts us on hold yet we may be temoted to doubt his willingness to give us good things.

God always has reasons for his no’s and yes’s or “Wait” and if one is tempted to fall into the error of thinking- I have to do enough good to merit God’s blessing- wrong- God blesses us like a father would with what is best, not making us work for it- though he may look at how we conduct ourselves and show us that we may not yet be fully ready but that is different then him making us a quota of good things to do to have his favor. His favor is in Christ’s work for us, and many of us may have escaped the erroneous and herretical idea that salvation can be earned but for me, there was years that I struggled to believe that God would bless me for good after he saved me if I did not have perfect performance! Wrong! Obeying God brings blessing but does not strong arm God into being favorably inclined toward us- Christ Jesus bought us that. So God now makes all his decisions for us from the standpoint of “Will it be best to give them this and now-“ and “Will it help my plan for their lives succeed?”

God’s Word says “For my ways are higher then your ways and my thoughts are higher then your thoughts”

God does not reason from “Were they good enough to squeese this blessing out of my hand?” No- For us who now know the Father through Christ we believe, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.

[Romans 8:28-29]

God works in our lives and does this or that with a purpose- His end result- which by no means leaves us high and dry either- but we see that God does what he so does not because we earn his blessings or in contrast “I was bad so now God is punishing me”- he will correct, convict and discipline because of our need for growth, improvement and correction not repayment for sin. Christ paid our sins in full so we would not be condemned and demolished in the end. Yet as it says “Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as his children. For what children are not disciplined by their father?

Hebrews 12:7 –

So when we go through hardships, it is not as though God is whipping us for revenge- no but he is working good, bad and seemingly mundane things to shape us so we may truly prosper in the end.


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