“Power Made Perfect In Weakness”

“To suffer for fun is ridiculous, yet to suffer with purpose when it comes is worthwhile.”

No one should like pain for enjoyment but life as it is in this present age has it’s fair share of it for all of us at some point. What is the Apostle Paul saying? He had been confined to a situation and circumstance he wanted out of and caused him pain, but grew to not despise the pain but use it in the power and strength of the Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Paul saw that the power of God was most displayed in his weakness and hardship! We all know people who are surviving hardships by just a thread and those who become inspirers from it.

Paul saw his “Thorn” as a platform for Christ to show his sufficiency! Jesus Christ is all we truly need and at times all we have but he will never leave us or forsake us, even if those we love flee or fail us. When our resources prove insufficient and friends unreliable, when our weakness hinders and hearts grow heavy Christ’s power can uphold us in joy and peace, as we trust God’s faithful love to see us through!

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