Building Well Matters!

During seasons of testing- the Lord seems to take what I have build, planted, sown and scattered in his name and allow fires to come against what was build, wind to blow against every structure and design and indeed some of it seems to collapse- and it is almost as if he says, “See there was a weak spot in your love, your faith and endurance and patience. Now rebuilt stronger then before, fill the gaps better, fasten that beam more tightly and add more bricks upon the out wall so that these winds and fires do not destroy the work of your love, faith, patience and things I call you to build.” Yes I feel there is many weak points and some of the material needs to be refined more! What good is a love that cannot handle the heat of hate, insult, persecution, and unfair accusation? The world loves in a house of common wood and when fires of others wrongs burn against it, it will be burned to ash, yet the Lord wants our love, faith and character he seeks to build in us to be able to be with each year more and more durable and less and less demolishable. I can say I am not a perfect man and there is weakness in me, my love is not a perfect work, my faith is not the strength of steel, my endurance is not limitless nor my patience as long range as it should be yet I know when I press on to greater and greater he makes it grow stronger!

I really am beginning to see so much lately and continue to pray that I have his grace to fortify what he wants me to!

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