Why God Get’s Jealous! PT 1 [Flimsy Love Affairs With Other Gods]


When you cry out for help, let your collection of idols save you! The wind will carry all of them off, a mere breath will blow them away. But whoever takes refuge in me will inherit the land and possess my holy mountain.”

Isaiah 57:13 –

Here God seems a bit fed up, like a woman or man who’s lover always runs off to other men or women – he might as well be saying, “Oh you need me now? Go to your lovers you are cheating on me with and let them deliver you? You will see they cannot and will not. You want me now that your in a jam? Where are your love affairs now that you are calling on me?!”

Idolatry not only robs God his glory and love we owe him but also makes God feel used I am sure! When we run to him when we are in distress just to get out of a jam? Yet the real motive that honors God is not running to Him out of wanting a fix for our problems that we trusted our idols to save us from but turning to Him in sincere repentence, which He will forgive, but insincere “Get me out of this jam Lord Jesus, now I need you.” Is seemingly more insulting then anything.

What is an idol? Really anything we give more time, attention or trust to then God! We all have them and I will own I have some ideals I desire that can be Idols. Yet we can only truly trust, hope in and value God as a god in life because he can live up to the name there of- yes, and God is jealous of our hearts, unlike human jealousy, God’s jealousy is pure and sinless because his jealousy is rooted in His worth that can match it’s demands! It is also at the same time selfless jealousy because we were created to love and be in relationship with God! Nothing short of this satisfies our hungering souls! So God’s jealous wrath over us placing things that cannot save us truly is both for His honor and our greatest good! We though can trust things and people who fail us miserably! What frees us from craving human love to an unwholesome degree? God’s love! What frees us to not pile up wealth in fear of seasons of scarcity? Trusting God to be good and meet our every need, not every selfish wish [-Materialism also a form of idol worship]

Relational idol worship is one of my struggles as a fallen human, and for others it is money, and yet others how people see them or their reputation. Who knows, each person struggles with different inclinations to different gods of our day but none is like God who is truly worth all our trust, devotion, praise and love. Humans fail to meet our hopes and expectations and job security is not truly as secure as we might hope, money flies away or is devoured by bills with razor teeth and mighry appetites! Trust the Lord!

See Pt 2.


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