Hope & Wait -Be Strong!

Psalm 31 tells us “Be strong and take heart you who hope in the Lord” then Psalm 27 concludes “Be strong and tale heart you who wait on the Lord.”

Hope and Wait on the Lord, these are essential ingredients! We must both trust God and patiently wait on him to act as we faithfully endure hardship without giving way to cowardice, grumbling or reverting into ungodly ways of responding to our situation. David knew this very well and wrote the bulk of these Psalms and he had been hunted by King Saul who wanted to have him killed and he had times he could have killed Saul yet said, “Who can lay a hand on the Lord’s anointed and be guiltless”- David knew that God would deal with his enemies in His Way and Time and would eventually fulfill His promise to him [David] that he would be the next king but he wouldn’t take matters into his own hands to avenge himself. David had many enemies, and he was strengthened by hoping and trusting God to preserve his life and deal with those who did him unjustly.

As Christians we to can rely on God to deliver us from our troubles and we often times need only trust, obey the best we know how to and then faithfully keep doing so until God’s time is ready to bring deliverance.

Life is never easy or constantly happy but that does not mean there is nothing good that can come out of the pressing seasons! In fact we grow more when our faith and patience is tested then when all goes fair and dandy, yes life is not all cotton candy clouds and enchanted colorful bunnies friends! No it’s more like Tolkens Lord of the Rings, Orks and the dark rings that lure us away from our quest yet God is faithful and will preserve us!


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