Faith Switches

Imagine a switch on a floor to open a hatch or door, or a switch on the floor to engage a mechanism that created some result that can only be manifested only if you put all your weight down on it. Now many of God’s promises in the word are this way. In order to see the Lord’s answer or for Him to do what He promises, on somethings you must just put all your faith down on the promise before the result comes. Faith is not wishful believing, but saying, “God said in His word, I therefore believe” yet faith that is strong goes a step farther and says “God said if I do this, he will provide in this way, so as intimidating as this task is, I choose to go forward believing God will come through”

Some people think God failed to answer, not because he did, but because either they tried and still yet do not see the result of their faith or in some cases they did not fulfill the prerequisite requirements.

That is why it is good to know when coming across a scriptural promise, if that promise requires some form of action on our parts first, or if it will require a season of waiting patiently for God to manifest His good word in His wise time he sees best.


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