Comparing Games Stifle True Joy

A piece of cheesecake, began to grumble that she was not as delicious as the other deserts at the table of the banquate. So the host and master of the banquate came and said, "What is the matter?" She said, "Im not as delightful as those delicious looking arrays of sweet chocolate covered cherries, nor am I as delectable as the pecan pie or the pumpkin bites." The master of the banquet who was also the chef said, "I made you as unique as you are so you do not have to compare yourself to other deserts, and you have your own unique and lovely flavorful qualities"

Women out there, this should especially be a reminder not to grumble and envy other women. Since it seems to be that women more often compare themselves in the appearence state to other women then men do. Men often boast of their accomplishments, strength and the things men often unfortunately put to much stock in. Really though, everyone can play comparison games of some sort, but its silly. Embrace your God given uniqueness, do not envy others but embrace your own identities as "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14)

When we truly accept and appreciate our God given worth and are secure in that, it frees us not to fret over what others say because we know our own value and have no need to envy, fret or fear others successes. That is so often the root of it isn't it? Many feel as though the only way to build themselves up is to tear down another's success. How foolish!

People who accept their worth is not dependent on others can be secure to rejoice in another's good without feeling bad about themselves. Who would not want to have such freedom? As the Word of God says, "It is more blessed to give then receive."

We all are most happy when we can take joy in the happiness of others, and not just our own prosperities.

As a teenager, I was the rather concerned about my physical appearance to a obsessive degree, and loved weight lifting. These were great activities that had nothing wrong with them, after all, God created our bodies and we should take care of his gifts, yet we must not just only invest in this, and my problem was that I thought that my strength and appearance was my success. Being in a wheelchair has brought some amount of challenges and insecurities, so I prided myself to try to become the strongest man I could physically and in a way now that I look back in hindsight, I see there was an element of me trying to overcompensate for feelings I had of being viewed as weak, helpless and inferior. So I suppose having a muscular physique made me feel more formidable and a little more imposing. I would think, well if some one wants to look down on me for being in a wheelchair, they will at least see the muscles and be impressed.

Yes, no doubt, I still like being muscular and strong, for one it just makes maneuvering a wheelchair and everyday life easier, and the ladies we all know love them biceps, haha. Humor aside, I do see my worth is not in this,  and after this phase in my life I suppose in subconscious ways I started really investing more in intellect and my mind, but our worth is not in our wits either.  People by all means should invest in their health, appearance and intellect, yet we cannot safely idolize such things. "Use what your momma gave ya," so to speak, but trust God to do what only he can, that is, give your life value, meaning, strength and purpose. When we attach our worth or well being to anything transient, lets say that in times these things get blown over by life's strong winds, we fall with them. "If they fall, your going down with them, going down with them baby if they fall." Yet when we follow the Scriptural prescription below, we have guaranteed security:


The God who created us unique and wonderful both male and female can be trusted with all the details of our life. He truly has more ability to enable us to fulfill his call and design for our lives more so then we could muster the skills and advantages on our own. Some people are floundering even trying to just figure out what truly will fulfill their inner hunger, they try all sorts of thing and many have tasted wealth, beauty, fame and all kinds of success from a human standpoint yet they feel no more thrilled with life then most, many say, "I have seen it, done it, tasted this, experienced that and now what?" After a while even life's most exciting thrills grow lack luster unless we are walking in God's plan that he lays out for our lives. He has a specific will for everyone and  few hop on board to go full force down such an exciting adventure.  God's general will fro mankind is that they come to know His Salvation at the cross that has bought our freedom and approval and favor with God. It is purely a gift that is offered to all whom receive this by faith by believing in Jesus Christ and surrendering our total trust into his plan for our lives. I am convinced God loves everyone, not everyone repents and responds in faith to this offer of unearned pardon, but no one who sincerely by faith reaches for it will be denied.

God loves his human creatures so dearly that he takes care of the indictment that we are all born subject to, the sin that is ingrained in us from birth that has become instinctive. We all start off on an even ground, and yes we are born into it but he loves us enough to sacrifice his own very heart to show us we matter to him. If we did not matter he would condemn us all, and we would be like condemned abandoned houses, scheduled for demolition. Yet what is it that God so loves about human kind? It is not one's beauty, wealth, accomplishments, or even religious acts that so many perform as one jumping through circus hoops. God's existence is not hindered by us, nor is his well being enhanced by what we have or do. It is purely grace, and the nature of God is love, so when he created humanity, he created a vessel to pour his love into and before the fall and sin, man and woman both had an unhindered ability to love God back, and have a meaningful relationship close to him.  Our sins drive a wedge between us and the Lord, so he has made a way to restore the broken intimacy and fellowship we can have with Himself.

He loves you and me, not because you look swell, or are athletic, or wealthy and give to charity, and he does not love us because we are good. We can compare our morals to others, and undoubtedly there are some decent human beings that out of their God-given image God places in all of us shows through. Yet we all have something very alien, and wrong with us—we need mercy, and grace, not more good deeds -as the modern equivalent of the fig leaves Adam and Eve wore to cover themselves when they sinned. God offers us His robes of righteousness through Christ, and a new identity, not one of guilt or feeling inadequate or unworthy of love. After all, "he demonstrates his own love for us that while we were still sinners Christ died for us." (Romans 5:8)

So Christian and non Christian alike have been created by God with value to their lives and worth in God's eyes. Not inherent to us boasting of ourselves but rather as it was written in Genesis after God finished creating the world, "The Lord saw that it was good."

If then God says it is good, who are any of us to slander another person about what they look like or things they truly have no control over. The only thing God condemns in human beings is the corrupt pull called sin in our human hearts that stirs us to sin, envy, boast of ourselves, tear down others, rebel against him  and any other behavior or attitude that leads us to act out of our fallen disposition. Yet the Lord does not hate sinners, there will be a day he finally judges unrepentant people who refuse to plead for his pardon, yet he does not hate people,  He came to restore us to the glory we could have lived from if the fall had never happened.

Our value is rooted in His love, not our own self love nor is it redefined by our insecurities, nor others criticism. Live free today in the truth!






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