Heart Pregnancy

Everyone who is past a certain age knows that basic reproduction involves a sperm meeting up with an egg and under proper conditions the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining and a baby begins to grow.
But how has God left a divine finger print to impress spiritual truths through the natural realm on ou heart? Well, the heart of a person is the womb and when God’s Spirit fertilizes the truth of the Scripture, The Gospel of Grace in a barren heart, faith enables Christ to form in the heart of one who believes the message. Yet truth without The Holy Spirit bringing it to life remains just an egg and can end up just being expelled from the heart over time.
Yet pray that when you share the Gospel with those who do not know God, and The Love of the Savior, that God’s Spirit will bring to life that word of truth they have heard.
Always be gentle with people. After all, “No one can come to me unless the Father draws them to me” said Jesus, but wonderful is this finishing thought he concludes with, “And no one who comes to me will I by any means cast out.”
Our American Christian mindset needs to be readjusted often so we can instead of arguing people into a faith that is inconceivable in their minds, we merely ought to only obey our commission to share and pray over them fervently and not grow angry or impatient with those who have not grasped the truths yet.
Too many Christ followers are I think tempted to complain about our culture rather then seeing the heart of the issue. People need to be “Born again” as Jesus speaks of in John 3.


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