Know The Cure, Not Just The Disease

“Knowing is half the battle they say” sin is a disease- selfishness, pride, lust, malice, hatred, jealousy, covetousness, greed, and idolatry and every other sin under the sun is man’s worst disease. Everyone or most everyone will admit they have done wrong. To see that is good yet not enough to save any of us from our own self destruction. You can know you have a disease of some sort and can learn facts and all the knowlege about this disease but does knowlege cure you? If you read every medical journal and studies every text book on your ailment that alone could not cure you. The same is true with spiritual heart disease of sin, plaguing every human heart. The solution is not in just the knowlege of the disease but in the surgery, the spiritual heart transplant, the injection of new life into the poisoned bloodstream infected by sin.

Faith in Christ is the antidote. He saves us from the penalty of sin when we exchange our sins, failures, and shortcomings for his righteousness and power. He from that point on delivers us from the power of sin, yes when Christ saved us he made us new but the after effects of the sin/disease still linger and there is a residue, but finally when we go to be with him in heaven the very presence of sin is totally wiped out! Praise God! We are not what we ought to be yet but we are not thankfully where we were!


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