America that ignores life’s road signs.

American’s are very conditioned individualistically. Not many in this country like being told how to live or what to do, and I would venture to suggest that real freedom we actually enjoy cannot truly exist without some proper order, law or moral code.

When your stopped at a busy street and the light turns red, how will it turn out for you if you say, “Im free to do what I want so I do not care what color the light is! Im free to do whatever I want!” But plow through that stop light and be prepared to be in a wreck. There are consequences to choices. The red light does not prevent you from driving wherever you wish, yet it dictates when you can proceed through that intersection.

Morality and freedom go hand in hand if properly functioning in sync with one another. We have laws in place to prevent certain things from occurring. Can a person truly live in freedom if they have to fear about no legal prosecution of those who break laws, can a person feel truly free if no law and order exist? After all, the thieves, murderers and perverts will prey on you. You will not be free with no laws but rather in fear of your life.
The problem arises when man separates national laws from moral God given laws. If their is indeed a natural order of how things work in the order of the world we live then defying the laws of natural order are as hazardous as running through a stop sign or a red light on a busy intersection.

Many people are infected with STD’s, mental health issues are on the rise and I would not be slightly surprised if drug usage contributed to this, consider also how many tragedies could be avoided if people would not get behind the wheel of a car intoxicated, not only does that endanger lives and often result in deaths of innocent people but also every person put in jail and prison costs taxpayers money. Seemingly small choices are not solitary dominos but many times trigger chain reactions far greater then imagined. We see sex crazed men go after women in attempts to get a “good time” and imagine how many women in our society have a spoiled and tainted view of what manhood is all about. We see girls and young men from an early age see the ways their father treats their own mother and that molds a worldview whether good or bad, and many times it is not a good one. So young men go around often trying to get in bed with women and “score first base” and often young women see “all men” as disgusting pigs that care nothing about women’s feelings but just want a cheap hook up. Some women resign themselves to say, “Oh thats just how it is so I might as well get used to it” and they in a misconceived notion think that the only way to get a man to love them is to dress provocatively and or accommodate men. Others get bitter I’m sure and in an act of retaliation may just reject all men together and pass up even nice ones because they carry the preconceived notion all men are liars and swine.

Another prime example is Alcohol addiction. How many families are destroyed over an alcoholic parent? A man in a drunken stupor beats his wife and kids, or ruins the family and brings them to poverty because he cannot let loose of the bottle.

Take for another example a child molester, how many adults in our time still carry with them the scars of childhood abuse?

Or a crack head mother strung out on drugs, how many parents have in the name of their addictions caused life long struggles for their children.

The thing is people can say, “My body my choice all they like” but what you do with your body affects more then your self centered little bubble you live in. Whether you be a mass shooter, terrorist, drunk or druggie.

Some think their choices do not “concern anyone but themselves” – How many children are affected by divorce because their parents could not work things out? How many people are scarred and feel rejected when their father leaves their mother for another woman? Or maybe he just becomes only the cheap donator of sperm and ditches his creation there after. These “individualistic freedoms” affect people, it affects society, and its not just one person’s business when it drags everyone else down!

Many Americans reject moral principles and God given values and label these as the source of “evil in the world”- yet maybe if people decided to actually follow these principles correctly then maybe you would see less evil in the world. And in the pretense of personal freedom people sacrifice their descendants on the altar of their own selfishness.

Your not as free as you think folks, your either a slave to what is good and right or a slave to your own deceiving appetites.

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