No Absolutes = No Right To Get Angry. 

Some who do not believe in God will often say there is no such thing as evil or sin. They also suggest that we are products of evolution over billions of years. But if this were really true then some get very angry and say, “Religion is the source of evil in the world!”

I have heard one too many make this statement on a number of occasions. So when they assert that religion is the “source of evil in the world” they destroy their own argument that evil, sin, or right vs wrong does not truly exist. If evil or wrong were phantasmic concepts and figments of the religious man’s imagination then they would have no real reason to be angry over an idea that is non existent. After all, right and wrong cannot really exist if we are all just animals. On one token they expect people to act better than animals and get disappointed when people don’t but they assert we are animals really. “We are really animals also” they say, and some say, “We are no more superior to these little furry friends” yet they are shocked, surprised, and angry when a “human animal” commits a heinous act.

They seem to retain their rights to get indignant about evil they do not believe can truly exist. It is not logically possible to believe two contradictory belief systems simultaneously. It is incongruent.

Either we are animals following our “human animal” instincts and there are no absolutes or we are as the Bible says “Created in the image of God” possessing conscience and the capability to know right from wrong. And if the latter is true which I’d say it is, then we are guilty when we do wrong, and have no excuse and cannot blame “animal instinct” for our evil.

It’s time to make up our minds.


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