The Very Nastey Couple.

(When Greed went on a date with Lust)

“Lust said give me your body and I will give you some green,” Greed replied, “Very well, I need some some more padding to my wallet thats lean”

“They will swallow your soul and devour your life, you will lose family children and your own wife. They will take all you have and all you hold dear, your very own conscience with an iron they’l sear.”

“They are behind many evils and drive all thats vile. You give them an inch they will take you over a mile. Down to your death, into the grave, after they have entangled your soul you will have no one to save. ”

“They will inject you with all of their poisons and drag you through sin, they will rob your contentment and eat you within.”

“Run from the couple of Lust and Greed, run, yes run and do not turn back, for in their company you will find sorrow and  lack.”


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