The Very Nastey Couple.

(When Greed went on a date with Lust)

“Greed said give me your body and I will give you some green,” Lust replied, “Very well, I need some some more padding to my purse thats lean”

“They will swallow your soul and devour your life, you will lose wealth, family, children and your dear precious wife, and then after that they will gulp down the rest of your life. They will take all you have and all you hold dear, your very own conscience with an iron they’l sear.”

“They are behind many world evils and drive all thats vile. You give them an inch they will take you over a mile. Down to your death, into the grave, after they have entangled your soul you will have no one to save. ”

“They will inject you with all of their poisons and drag you through sin, they will rob your contentment and eat you within.”

“Run from the couple of Lust and Greed, run, yes run and do not turn back, for in their company you will find sorrow and  lack and then waste in regrets at the end of your days. So consider the cost, before you follow any of their ways. They bear the sons of “illness,” “regret” and “loneliness” and their daughters are “despair” “hardness of heart” and “corruption within”- They will blacken one’s soul with the poisons of sin.

Bribes are the spells that blind decent hearts, to forfeit what is right to gain what is temporal at best, yes indeed, there was in Poe’s classic, “The Monkey’s Paw” and this story had a paw from a monkey that was enchanted with powers to grant three wishes to the one who held it. Yet for those who have read the story, the paw had a sinister sense of humor in granting these wishes and it indeed delivered it’s bearer his wish but with a morbid twist that left the man who made his wishes with a wish he never had the paw to begin with.

So is the price tag of sin, it allures with promises of power, pleasure and prosperity but brings with them if it ever did deliver- curses that follow. Many who grow rich off of extortion or trampling others become cursed in their later years with loneliness and no one to care about them. They trade relational building in for mammon then when they grow older their families may not care, their friends they thought they had may desert them if their god of green paper sprouts wings and flies away. No one ever became rich in a real sense by being greedy, stingy and using their wealth to lord over people.

Vanity would scream, invest only in one’s appeal- yet forfeit the inner self that makes people of virtue desire you. For a woman who invests only in her appeal and charm forfeits her truest potential and when beauty fades and her hair greys- she remains only clasping an idol called beauty that no one is guaranteed. She chases a mirage and if her idol crumbles over years by and by, what does she have to show for the stock she invested if she neglects other things to make deposits toward, such as humility, gentleness, faithfulness, kindness, compassion, tenderness, wisdom and other gran virtues? For when beauty fades and no other investments were made, she will grieve she sowed only in a fiels that the earth opened it’s mouth and swallowed.


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