Dangers of open boarders.

I try not to get to political on this blog, however, it is important to expose what is actually going on. Illegal immigration is on the rise and so is news coverage of criminal behavior. To sit back and not do anything is actually doing something, it is allowing terrible things to happen to people who are innocent.

People who support the amnesty are fooled, truly fooled and suckered in to actually believing that these people coming over are just looking for a better future, but sadly if these people just stayed at home instead of coming over and committing crimes then they might actually allow us to enjoy a better future without the added crime. 

Im not racist, Im realistic. The facts and stories speak for themselves. I have nothing against honest, decent, and law abiding hispanics and latinos, so before some one pulls the “race” card, let me just get that on the table.
But I do have a problem with people who break the rules and laws, and collect support from the government without being actual legal residents. Why? Because it’s wrong, there are natural born citizens who are barely making it, on food stamps and government assistance, and now the U.S. Is forced to take on Mexico’s problems? In addition many of these unlawful residents are committing crimes and then just getting released back into society, instead of being deported. 

Secure the boarders means securing some amount of safety. Why add criminals on to the one we already have.   


He was deported 5 times, and then he randomly targeted and killed a young woman. Never prosecuted, because they often times do not even prosecute non-citizens, they just deport them and they come back again and again.

Not only this, but there was another case of an illegal immigrant committing a crime. He was charged with molesting two underaged girls in a waterpark.


Illegal alien rapes a woman.


Illegal alien kidnaps and rapes a 13 year old girl. http://joeforamerica.com/2015/07/illegal-alien-kidnaps-rapes-13-year-old-also-known-thursday/

Still for open boarders? Let me know how it works out for you people.


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