Spiritual surgery: Sometimes we do not enjoy God’s methods of bringing us to greater wholeness. Even though the outcome is good, the process in my experience can be agonizing. God is not mean, cruel, or sadistic but he is kind of like a skillful surgeon who has no alternative but to operate and cut into the diseased parts of our hearts and lives. Pain often times can be an instrument that cuts into our selfishness and prideful egos. When we go through tough times we realize how small and unimportant we really are and we become more humble, or that should be the goal. As we are being emptied of ourselves and selfishness we become more useful to love and serve others at a greater capacity. Wholeness is God’s goal, he does not inflict pain without a good reason in mind. He will use whatever he can to turn us from destructive ways or mature us into the people we ought to be as Christ’s followers.

Job 5:18 For He crushes but also binds up; He strikes, but His hands also heal.


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