Are You Prepared to Wait On God For His Best?

“Love is patient” 1 Corinthians 13 says, among other things it is also.

But let’s focus on it’s patience for a moment. Now although God doesn’t have marriage for everyone, he does for most though. The question we must ask I think is, “Is she/he worth our wait?” God’s gifts and timetable is always the best and instead of getting impatient, we who are waiting for God’s best laid plans should “Seize the day” and become the best we can ultimately for Christ, so we can be the best mate for whoever God might have. Even if he doesn’t have a spouse for you, trusting God is never waisted time or energy. Patience is not waisted. God has a plan for every believer’s life and that is to be the people he redeemed that can give hope to a lost and fallen world. His ultimate goal is that through us who have the truth, more people can be added to His family and experience the same goodness He has given us.

Jacob ended up working hard for seven years to get his wife, but due to being tricked he ended up to agreeing to work another seven for the woman he loved. Now if that is not patience and dedication then I do not know what is. Through the process of his long wait God worked in his life. Seasons of waiting are God’s workshops in which his people are equiped for whatever the blessing may be, whether marriage or ministry. Does not matter really. God’s plans at the end of the day will not disappoint those who trust Him.
Like You Prepared to Wait On God For His Best?


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