Just A few Reasons Some People Don’t Believe in God.

Grantid, not everyone has the same reasons for believing or not believing something. It varies from person to person. However, over the years of talking with Atheists and Agnostics, some similar reasons seem to pop up. 

There are 2 main reason I believe people will refuse to believe in God and accept God’s offer of Salvation found in the Cross of Christ. I say “main,” because Im sure there are others. But I want to delve into a few for starters.

1.) Unbelief and skepticism
-These people are either unsure about God or think they have, “scientific proof” to disprove his existence.

2.) A Warped view of God.
– Some people have tasted bad medicine in their experiences with “religious people” and that left them in a state of not wanting to believe in God all together. They fail to realize that the God of the Bible is beyond appealing and he is not some grumpy or angry force that wants to punish their every sin, they don’t realize also that God loves them and that their life of sin cannot compare to the glorious pleasures of knowing their loving creator who made them with a purpose. As a non Christian I feared missing out on the fun if I truly turned my life and will over to Christ, however, this is a huge lie and Christianity done correctly is the most enjoyable fulfilling experience of the human soul, nothing can compare to doing the very thing you made for and experiencing a relationship with God himself.

3.) A Lack of understanding of a difficult God concept.

Some people cannot reconcile how a God of complete love could punish people in an eternal hell. For these people I recommend they check out 



Others cannot reconcile the idea of a good God allowing evil or suffering.

(See) https://austingeorge.wordpress.com/2015/07/19/if-god-is-good-thenwhy-suffering/

There are many other questions and concepts people wrestle with. And I hope some who do not yet know the love of the Savior might find this helpful.

The good news for either category of people is God can still save them, no one is beyond the reach of Christ and he does reveal himself to a seeking soul. If they are interested if finding him, He will be found.

20 thoughts on “Just A few Reasons Some People Don’t Believe in God.

  1. Have you honestly asked atheists why they don’t believe? It doesn’t seem that you have.

    I find no credible evidence to believe in any god. Your god is just one of many that have no credible evidence for their existence.

    Even in this post you are making assertions that you do not have valid reason to believe, such as we are made to worship your god and not a different god.

    The reasoning that you give above will be dismissed quickly in an honest discussion and for good reasons.

    There is no scientific proof that god exists nor any that god does not exist. An honest person will tell you this.

    You seem to be confused. That ‘bad taste’ does not make a person not want to believe, it leaves them without reason to believe because they have been let down, disappointed by the promises that do not come true. At this point they typically evaluate why they believed at all and then the evidence becomes the issue.

    You may not believe that your god does not want to punish every sin but that is not what your book says. You have read it, right?

    The claim that your god created everyone and everything is baseless and nothing more than a small part of the claim that he exists. Even the creation story is self contradictory and logically failed. That is too much for a single comment.

    Interesting that you claim that Christianity can be done incorrectly. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the ways that people do it incorrectly. That seems a lot like the ‘no true Scotsman fallacy’ to me.

    1. No disrespect but I have talked to many many atheists, and I value your imput but I will tell you from my observations a large number of the ones I talked to were raised in hyper religious homes and strict environments. When I say Christianity is done incorrectly it is an inaccurate perception of who God is, some Christians even carry around a negative veiw of God due to past experiences. There is such thing as baggage. And on one of your points you tried to make, It is not God’s ultimate desire to punish people. 2 Peter 3:9 says 9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” So at the end of the day, although he does punish sins, he rather see people saved. In addition, you say there is no “proof god exsists” thats not how I see it, there have been to many things in my life to disprove any doubt of his existence, for one obvious reason just look at how complex the human body is, and our solar system for example: All the inner planets are solid rock and beyond the astroid belt past mars we find only the gas giant planets. To sustain life on earth is an amazing concept too, if we were just a little closer to the sun we would burn up and if we just a little farther we would freeze. Can you tell me why we never see the dark side of the moon? It’s revolution rate is the same as it’s rotation rate, there for we always see the one side. Dear friend I see proof of God all around and maybe you have been let down or disappointed in your life or maybe you have known someone who has but life isn’t easy and I know this from experience. One shouldn’t just stop believing over a few rough patches, God really is good inspite of all the disappointments of life. Do you mind if I ask if this has been your experience? Have you been let down in your life somehow? Pleas friend, lets talk more. My email is austingeorge913@gmail.com

      1. I’m not going to do emails. If you want we can converse here.

        If I was let down, it was by believers. They claim to follow Jesus but they instead follow Paul. They claim to be good but are not. Nothing should show the existence of god more than the actions of believers and nothing shows it less. Don’t give me that ‘we are not perfect bit’ because every self help guru knows ‘as you think, so shall you be’ …
        Belief has not helped the world enough to call it help. The Pope sits on golden chairs while children starve. ‘Christians’ claim to have morals yet the news shows us they are no different than anyone else, perhaps worse for having claimed to have a moral compass.
        The argument that complexity in the universe proves a god exists does not prove that your god exists. Science shows us that there is no reason to believe that this complexity requires a god at all. You will tell me that your god is the only true god but for all your piety and knowledge you cannot prove that your god is more real than that of other faiths. If the evidence for your god was self evident as you claim then there would be only one religion. If people are presented with an actual god they will believe. They are not presented with one and never have been.

        Your god didn’t manage to convince many people at all, even in the flesh. Before he was killed (because nobody believed him) he instructed his inner circle to go convince people of his authenticity. They were not very effective and they were supposed to be eye witnesses. Instead Paul started his own religion and spread it far and wide. The guy that had never even seen the Christ. A zealot was more effective at spreading the word then your god in the flesh. Doesn’t that seem a little odd to you? It should. Oh, yeah, I get it, a former antagonist changes sides is a good story but he shouldn’t have been more convincing that your god in the flesh.

        We never see the dark side of the moon because it’s dark! The side we see lit up is the same always because the moon does not rotate. They call it tidal locking. It doesn’t rotate. That’s called science. Science gives us actual answers that do not require ‘blind faith’ – what religion never can.

        I know that you think you have evidence. If that evidence was actually convincing and compelling then it should be able to convince those people who truly want to believe – you know who I’m talking about, right? Yes, all the rest of the billions of people who believe in a god but not yours. All those people believe that a god is not only possible but that at least one exists. All your evidence fails to convince them. How do you intend on convincing someone simply looking for the truth? Clearly your evidence is not good enough to convince people who “want” to believe. If you can’t convince them, why should anyone else believe you?

        What I’ve heard from you so far are worn out apologetics which have been dismantled time and again through history. The fact that you are still using them indicates that you haven’t been keeping up. The complexity of biology and universe do not prove a god exists, and even if they did it would not prove that your god exists.

        If you want to talk about the Christ you’ll have to explain why the story of your Christ looks like a plagiarism of other religions that came before. Why there is no mention of dinosaurs. Why there is two creation story lines. Why that even Paul’s conversion has two story lines. There is a lot of reason to not believe Jesus even existed as a man never mind a miracle worker.

        If that is not enough we can look at philosophy of YHWH/Jesus. Visit the sin of the father on all the children then demand that we believe or be tortured forever all the while the god does not show itself so that there can’t be any certainty at all. It looks exactly like a carnival game rigged to get you to think you can win and waste your money.

        I can keep going. The character of YHWH is not really what I’d call a perfect being. If his book is to be believed he’s a monster who is not worthy of my love.

        It is not because I did not try or never believed. No, I’m an atheist because none of it makes sense when honestly examined.

      2. Well in your own words “You think he is a monster” therefore I would say my assumption is correct about you that you do have a warped veiw of God. And let me ask you friend, why are so many atheists getting bent out of shape over cross statues and ten commandment monuments and fussing about something they don’t even believe exsists to begin with, they should be no more offended by that then a sculpture of the Tooth fairy. And may I ask, have you ever read the bible completely all the way through in it’s entirety as opposed to cherry picking out the stories you find negative? Paul did not start his own religion by the way, he was a convert from Judaism to faith in Christ. If you read carefully Saul before his conversion was an a zealous persecutor of Christians before trusted in Jesus. Peter even validates Paul’s ministy in one of his letters. And if God were the monster you claimed he was, I think you should look again, If God were a monster he would not have sent Christ to die for those who are actually willing to receive him as their savior. God has no reason to keep any one alive and could send you or me to hell right now if he wanted. He would not have to explain himself to anyone.

        Matthew 7:21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.—-Jesus said this man, so why is it a surprise to you that not everyone who claims to follow Christ acts like it? And the Pope, no offense but thats not how Christ would have the Church set up I believe., the power and hierchy he has is not biblical. Jesus said call no man “father” or “master” for “you are all brothers and you have only one master who is in heaven” —-One last thing, your whole long paragraph is just spilling anger so its beginning to sound like to me, it is more so that you don’t want to believe as opposed to actually having solid evidence in which you can stand on. I have seen answered prayers and have experienced supernatural events that science cannot explain. So it’s not blind of me to believe friend, I see enough proof. You obviously don’t want to believe, and I can’t force you to either and as the old saying goes “A man convinced against his will will remain the same opinion still”

        I recommend a book for you called “A Case for Christ” it was actually written by a former Atheist who was trying to disprove Christianity and ended up believing in it instead. I have also seen many lives changed first hand because of the Gospel message. And also you said “The argument that complexity in the universe proves a god exists does not prove that your god exists. Science shows us that there is no reason to believe that this complexity requires a god at all.” how does that make sense? The world just “boom created itself, and over time everything became so elaborate and well functioning” even Physics tell us “An object at rest will remain at rest” or “An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force” —–That’s science friend. The Big Bang Theory, as the name suggests is still a theory. The moon does rotate and I read about it in a “Science” book, and think about it, we always see the side of the moon with the “man on the moon”, Yes the other is dark but thats because we don’t see it. I doesn’t rotate in orbit fast enough to see it, it revolves around the earth at the same rate it rotates.

        Another thing Ezekiel 18 says quite the opposite of God punishing people for their parents or vice versa: 19 “Yet you ask, ‘Why does the son not share the guilt of his father?’ Since the son has done what is just and right and has been careful to keep all my decrees, he will surely live. 20 The soul who sins is the one who will die. The son will not share the guilt of the father, nor will the father share the guilt of the son. The righteousness of the righteous man will be credited to him, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against him. 21 “But if a wicked man turns away from all the sins he has committed and keeps all my decrees and does what is just and right, he will surely live; he will not die. 22 None of the offenses he has committed will be remembered against him. Because of the righteous things he has done, he will live. 23 Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? declares the Sovereign LORD. Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live?

        Although parents choices can have a toxic effect on who we are today, example, the emotional baggage from growing up with an alcoholic father, or a a home where the father is gone, or abusive situations. “The sins of the parents will passed on” In a way that’s true, like nuclear fallout. Some of the choices parents make can cause great harmful lasting affects for future generations. If one grows up with a perfectionist set of parents, they might acquire that trait and then teach their children, who teach their children if the cycle is not broken. So in essence that’s what I believe that to mean. So friend I am truly sorry you have had bad experiences with “religious people” but there are genuine kindhearted believers that do practice their faith well. It is unfair that you stereo type them all. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water

      3. And not all atheists were brought up in strict religious families. I’m from the UK, no one around me believes or were told to growing up. I guess it depends on the nation.

      4. Well from my interactions I have had many have. It could be a matter of being in a different nation, but I think there are multiple reasons why people believe or don’t believe something. Someone who does not wnt to believe in something do to whatever reason is someone nearly impossible to convince otherwise. So in conclusion there is no pat answer, but the essay I wrote is from my perspective the more common reasons. Tell me if you don’t mind if I ask, are you an Atheist? And why do you believe what you do?

      5. I see your point, I think it can work both ways, it is extremely hard to convince a believer to think outside of belief too!
        That’s fine, yes I am an atheist. It was when I was about 16/17, I realised that myself and others only believed in the religion we were brought up in, it was just down to the place you were born that determines your belief. And throughout life we try and use all kinds of facts and stats to fit in with our belief, instead of taking a look at other options. So for me atheism leads to a much better way of thinking. Anywhere you go religion and politics are heavily influenced by the people around you.

      6. Well your story is interesting and believe it or not I know what your talking about. How a person is raised does have a lot of influence on what a person believes. I was raised in a Christian home but when I turned 18 I let all hell break loose so to speak and only when I was 20 in a bar of all places it struck me like a ton of bricks and clear as day I felt the Lord speaking to my heart saying “Austin, You claim to know me but use my grace as a license to live however you please, you don’t really know me.” and it was only then did I realize how deceived I was, and I always thought, “Just as long as I say my prayers and confessions at the end of the day, ay I’m all good.” I had not the foggiest though. So I’m tracking with your view point. I do agree that some Christians may have a time thinking out side of the box at times and though I believe they should always filter experience through scripture, it can be easy for a Christian to be so closed off to others beliefs they cease to be as effective as a light for Christ as they could be. Here is how I see it, it is completely possible to not agree with someones beliefs and still show common respect and dignity to that person.
        Doesn’t matter how outlandish what they are saying may sound, here is my motto, “Always try and appeal to their heart and don’t be to quick to try to overpower their intellect” The heart of a man is where I believe the real beliefs lie. If someone does want to believe something that is often more of a reason than if they just think it makes more sense. Although there are some people that from an intellectual stand point feel convinced as well. I just try to meet people where they are at whether I can convince them or not. Unconditional love is not what a person can get but trying to do what is best for the other person.

      7. I do to, I will never get aggressive, behead, protest or anything similar to get a point across. Atheism does not have that emotional baggage. Can I ask when you were in the bar, how did God speak into your heart? I have never understood that. What he said was quite specific, how did this come about?

      8. Well it was an indescribable experience really and the best I know how to describe it was that I was on my way to the bar, I pulled in to the parking lot as usually with the idea of trying to find some girls to possibly hook up with and then all of the sudden this heavy and deep realization came over me out of no where that who I was and what I was doing was displeasing to the Lord and inaudibly a voice spoke to my heart and impressed on my mind “Austin, you claim to know me and claim to be a Christian but you use the grace of my Son as a license for sin” It was the most overwhelming presence of guilt and awareness of how I had blown it yet at the same time there was this indescribable love I felt and the miracle was that at that moment I lost the desire to go on living as I was. It was almost as if he said to me after that “You don’t, know me but from today on out things will be different.” I was like, “wow what just happened here?” because it felt like I was an entirely different person for the better and I actually at that moment had a genuine desire to serve an obey God not driven by fear or obligation. Before when I tried to obey what was in the Bible it was “do this and God will bless you, don’t do this so God won’t punish you.” But that day I was filled with indescribable joy and said “I actually want to do what is right!” Did I become perfect? No! But I can see a definite change in my life for good.

        I hear you on the point you made about certain religions or religious people getting aggressive, and of course seeing that would leave a bad taste in most peoples mouths but I believe wholeheartedly that true Christianity done properly is irresistible. Some kill in the name of religion which is tragic, some get aggressive, some say unkind and hurtful things in the name of religion but Christ taught so many things that oppose this mindset and his followers ended up so fired up that they risked their lives, and some died just to share God’s message. A good cause often will make people risk their necks and I guess the way I see it is it be worth dying to let people know that God loves them and sent Christ to pay for their sins so they can go to heaven in the long run even if there is pain involved or death. I’m so pursauded by this that in my excitement I can’t help but share with people. I feel now, I suppose you could say, that I feel like I have a purpose beyond myself and something that is indeed power to leave a huge impact on people for the better. Doesn’t everyone desire to change the world some how for the better? Or thats been my desire even as a kid but now I realize I truly can because of Him.

        So that’s my story in the long version lol

      9. I appreciate the time going into the reply. Christ also ordered some killings! God killed many, so you may be obeying a God that has done worse things than you believe you did 😉 and also I feel you shouldn’t have to share this with people, God should give everyone such an experience, if it’s not first hand it’s much harder to convince people of God being in contact.

      10. Christ didn’t command us to kill anyone and although some of the old Testament passages may lead us to believe God is angry and vengeful. Take into consideration some of the pagan nation God commanded this in under those circumstances, many of these nations were brutal and evil and practiced child sacrifices, and all sorts of other vile practices that would make us shudder to think about today. God’s ultimate reason behind that those commands were to wipe out the lawless people who would drag His people into the same behaviors. One old Testament passage describes this influence actually getting ahold of Israel and there was a man who had a concubine and the men of the town brutally raped her and she died and so the man took his concubine and cut her up and sent the pieces throughout Israel to make a statement. We must remember though that just because there is a story in the Bible it doesn’t mean God was pleased with what the people were doing. example: For a time God allowed polygamy but this was not his ultimate design, Jesus clarified that “It was because people’s hearts were hard” God allows certain things and doesn’t pay us back or wipe us out completely for things we deserve, but sometimes allows us to behave even in bad ways because he is very patient. —Concerning my experience, why shouldn’t I share it? I don’t expect anyone to respond who does not want to, people have the right to choose for themselves but there are people that do want to hear so I’m not going to stop sharing for the sake of them. Yes I agree that if it is not first hand it is hard because human nature often wants to see evidence first hand, but the way I see it is not everybody’s encounter coming to know Christ is the same. The Lord can save anyone however he chooses to in a variety of ways and that’s what makes everyone’s story unique. My story is rather an unusual one and it usually does not happen in that exact way. Most people hear from a friend or a loved one and God opens their heart to hear and understand what is being said. I do understand your doubts though and it is ultimately not my job to convince you or anyone, I just lay it on the table so all who are willing to hear or are interested have that same opportunity. It would be very wrong of me if I didn’t because I believe I have the greatest news of all and to just keep it to myself out of fear would be selfish and a diservice. I can’t force you to believe and neither will I try but I feel it is only far to let you know because deep down although we have never met, I really do care about people. I will pray for you regardless of whether you believe it or not because thats a great gift you can give and not expect anything back. Whether you believe it or not God loves you and he understands human doubt and skepticism. As Thomas said “unless I put my hand in the nail print I will not believe”–Thomas was not aweful for doubting, he was human and my prayer for you is that the Lord would touch your heart in a special way…..Sorry for the long long reply lol, it’s quite long winded

      11. Well often times being raised a certain way can influence this, but not always. I have seen stories in the news recently of Muslims in certain parts of the world converting to faith in Christ. Even if that means their families disown them. I was a stereotypical Christian before I came to Christ for real. Basically came back in a bar and it was an out of this world experience. However, I do understand what you mean.

  2. Please don’t misquote me. I said if the book is to be believed, he’s a monster. I did not say he’s a monster so I don’t believe the book. I said there is no reason to believe in gods and further that if the book is to be believed YHWH is a monster. That’s not a warped view, it’s an honest one. The separation of church and state protects us all from theocratic thuggery so it is that religion should not be allowed to weasel its way into government, no religion, not just yours. We’re not offended by the items but by the believers in those items and the very real danger that their belief represents. I’ve read the bible, once end to end, then many pieces of it here and there for a lifetime. I was the first born of a pentecostal evangelical preacher. I was fully inculcated with Christianity. None of the indoctrination covered the ‘odd’ parts and questions about them were not welcome. I am not cherry picking at all. It’s very difficult to cover the whole thing in a comment. I believe that if you look you’ll find plenty of people who argue whether Paul was teaching what Jesus did or not. It’s not like that is a new thing. It’s an argument that has divide churches. Paul was a zealot. period. Nothing written about him tells us otherwise. Show me the evidence that YHWH sent Jesus to die for us. There is that claim in the Christian bible, but it is unsupported as a claim. Here’s the funny part. All YHWH had to do was forgive. Nope, can’t do that. Blood sacrifice must be had, and drinking of the blood and eating of the flesh must be done. Forgiveness? that’s for idiots, right?

    Tell you what, why don’t you go ahead and pray for your god to send me to hell right now but make sure he does it so that all the world knows, that all the world witnesses it, that all the world can see your god and finally know whether he is real or not. I’d go to hell if it would help the rest of humanity. Something your Jesus wouldn’t do.

    There you go with the ‘not a true Christian’ thing. To do that you necessarily have to be able to prove what a true Christian is. That is something you can’t do because even Paul made it so that the book is left open to interpretation. Jesus said call no man master yet Paul returned a runaway slave to his master.

    That’s the point, there is no evidence to stand on. What Christians call evidence isn’t evidence. At best it is anecdotal, confirmation bias, and wishful thinking. If you think you have a true miracle or true evidence there is money up for grabs if you can prove it. I don’t want to hear all the heresay you think is evidence. If you have real and compelling evidence there are thousands of people that want to see it. Go show it to them. Look up JREF for a start.

    Matt. 17: With faith nothing is impossible to you. Clearly this is false or nobody has enough faith. Do believers regrow limbs? How about world peace? That faith stuff is not working.

    Lee Strobel? The investigative journalist whose books show him to be anything but?

    The moon does not rotate with reference to the Earth. It rotates around the Earth then the two of them around the Sun. One face of the moon perpetually faces Earth. The moon’s rotation keeps that one face perpetually facing Earth.

    It matters little what Ezekiel says. YHWH condemned all humanity well before that. Genesis says that Adam and Eve messed up so all humanity must suffer, and for eternity if you don’t believe in the god or his ‘son’.

    I think that it is believers who cherry pick the bible, taking just enough to justify their beliefs.

    Had it just been bad Christians in my experience I’d have gotten over that. When you sit down and examine Christianity or any Abrahamic religion honestly, it does not make sense.

    1. I really have no need to continue discussing this with you so if you will excuse me. It’s obvious you don’t want to believe what Im saying so I won’t force you. Have a blessed night

      1. But just to let you know, no ill will toward you or hard feelings man. I know you don’t believe this but Jesus loves you and I hope one day you will see the enormous depth of that. But I won’t force this on you and will respect your right to your personal beliefs. God bless man. Take care and have a great night….I really mean that.

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