Who Sets The Standard

Who determines right and wrong? Who sets the standard? Is it society? Is it the individual or their conscience? If this is so, and morality is a matter of opinion that varies from person to person, than one group might say “genocide” is acceptable, this thing has happened before in the past, I might add, unfortunately. We know it is not the case but some people like to argue that there is “no good or evil” nor “right or wrong.”

Others claim we are the product of evolution that has occurred over “billions and billions” of years ago.

Both arguments pose a serious problem. For one, if everybody decides individually what is right or wrong by setting their own standards, then everyone is really just doing their own thing, and if evolution is real and there is no God who sets a standard of right or wrong, or gives human life value? After all, evolution teaches, “survival of the fittest” and this does not work well. Take small children for example. Suppose you had a room full of children of various ages with no adult supervision and let’s suppose one of the kids sees a toy that a smaller kid is playing with and decides he wants the toy for himself, after all, he is bigger and stronger. He easily go and take it by force because there are no rules.

The tragedy is many times grown adults are not better, such as in the case of road rage or other unacceptable behavior toward others. The “blood diamond” of Africa is a good example, the powerful war lords oppress their fellow men and women. Since they are by far more dominant they oppress helpless people who are powerless to resist for the sake of their greed. Now tell me, since “there is no right or wrong” how then are so many people outraged at these kind of behaviors? Indeed, if we are really only byproducts of the “Big Bang” as some say, then why does this matter to us how people are treated? After all, are we not just “animals fighting to survive”? This is not really a safe ideology, it’s portrayed harmless in the public schools and by a large portion of the scientific community, but if you think deeper, realize this: its a domino effect because people act upon what they believe to be reality.

So the idea of every individual being their own moral compass is a pretty ridiculous assumption, and if you look at it through evolutionary eyes, then yes it is nothing more than “survival of the fittest”- after all in the wild, the dominant and stronger prevail against the weaker or sick animal. With lions, it’s fairly common for the dominant male to kill all his competition to secure himself as the leader of the pride. Another aspect of “Survival of the fittest” is also, naturally only the genetically superior or the intellectually savy (humanly speaking) have a shot at life. Basically, if you get the right breaks in life.  So either way “survival of the fittest” is a poisonous way of thinking.

This should not be the case with human beings though, yet sadly in many cases it is. Child abuse, domestic violence, and senseless killings, over trivial things happen all the time.

Well how about this, let us try on another idealogical shoe to see if this one fits. Let’s say that collectively society decides what is right. Is society and culture ever wrong? Can you think back to a time when the majority was in the error? Numerous instances throughout history large groups of people have tried this, in Germany during the Holocaust era, many people thought it was a a good thing to annihilate the Jews and in the Civil War days the North and South were at odds against one another, whether slavery was good or bad, the South thought they were in the right over something we now consider barbaric and inhumane. 

Communist China is another great illustration of the evils that can come from the wrong people getting to much control, they had for the longest time and probably still do have the law that forbids people to have too many children, especially female children. If the government found out that a family had more than the permitted number of female offspring, then they would come and take away the child and put her away to die.

As you can see, the collective approach does not work to well either. You can see this ideological shoe only leave feet of our intellect sore and blistered. 

A government is only as good as those running it. So back to my original question. Who determines right and wrong? since one opinion various from person to person, one group to another, and one nation to another nation?
IF then, there is no set standard of good and evil, and IF then, there is “no absolute,” then murder, rape, crimes against children, stealing, and all detestable actions are ok in certain cultures? If a society decides then, will this not vary?

This cannot be right at all. Deep down in people’s hearts they know, deep down that these things cannot be right. We know that prejudice and racism are evil things, and we know that child abuse is evil. Even someone who believes “evolved from apes” can sense indignation rise up in their souls over certain things. The contradiction arises though, when one claims there is no God and that we originated from lesser forms of life, like apes, which by the way have been known to kill each other in the wild. Why is this a problem? Well if we really are only acting out primortial instincts, it should not bother us, since one who is programmed by instincts has no real volitional control of his, her, or it’s impulses. An instinct is only a natural behavioral programming. “But our brains are more evolved” one might say, yet there are many extremely intelligent people in this world who still do terrible things, people who are brilliantly evil and deranged.

The truth is, and I say this without apology, God is the only standard of righteousness a person can find, God and righteousness are as ingrained to each other as dye to a rug. So if we are looking to people to show us the way, we will be sadly disillusioned. I have heard so many people say time and time again “I have lost all faith in humanity” and I always feel like saying “It’s about time.” The Bible says that everyone living that is alive or has lived is corrupt, aside from Jesus Christ. It says this not to cause despair over our pathetic condition but to respond to the only solution there is for a broken sinner, the message of Jesus Christ.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

The problem is for one: we trust that people are truly good, and that we ourselves are good, and we evaluate ourselves through ourselves. Number two, so many people try to rationalize God away and claim him to be an unscientific figment of the imagination. The only pro to that mindset is “we can do whatever the heck we want, no consequences.” The cons far outweigh the pros, and you may as well live however you want if that be the case since you exist merely to exist, with no purpose or meaning to your life but survival, pleasure, and there is no life but this “so let’s party it up”

1 Corinthians 15:32 If I fought wild beasts in Ephesus for merely human reasons, what have I gained? If the dead are not raised, “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.”

Indeed, if this life is all we have and if there is no God who tells us what is moral, then live however you want. This is not how it is though so I think it’s time to start knowing what he expects.

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