Public School demise


RIP Common sense


Im glad Im not in school any longer and as much as I hate to gripe and I only share this in hopes to stir people up to defend their American as well as God given rights cause if we don’t defend what rights we do have we will lose them.


I was just listening to the radio this afternoon and its pretty crazy what this world is coming to. The story was about a kid who accidentally brought a plastic gun to school and even though he admitted it was an accident and came forward about it to a teacher non the less he had the police called on him and was expelled. Another incident happened when a kindergardener bit his graham cracker in the shape of a gun and he got expelled as well. What in the world? In the name of “zero tolerance” we are promoting 100% stupidity. This is non sense,


Recently the courts sided with certain individuals who wanted to ban an American flag from a public school because some foreign students got offended. This is after all the United States of America and our flag represents freedom an patriotism.


Its not racism for me to think this way because its not the ethnicity itself I have a problem with. After all there are many respectable immigrants and people of different races living here but by letting those who care nothing about this Country silence us and make me bow to “political correctness” and “zero tolerance” nonsense- i could understand if this was actually a legitimate matter of people’s safety being violated- however its just another way the big government movement is trying to take faith and freedom from us just like when an Atheists group got all uptight and bent out of shape about the cross monument or the Ten Commandments sculpture and as we are all familiar they try to keep us from saying “Merry Christmas” anymore or “God bless”


Im proud to be a Christian, I am proud to be a American and as long as I have a voice and my freedom I will share my beliefs whether it offends or not. The truth hurts and my opinions don’t matter really but I get most of them from the Bible which people think is so old fashioned.


God bless America, cause who else will!



4 thoughts on “Public School demise

  1. I wholeheartedly agree, While it’s good to consider other people’s feelings, there is such thing as too much tolerance, which is basically becoming a rug for everyone to step on just because they don’t like something you’re doing.

    It seems to me that the tables have turned, and now Christians are the minority that are discriminated against. We’re constantly under pressure to be “politically correct” to the extent of basically giving up on our own faith.

    It’s getting a little old… and I’m tired of being unable to share what I believe.

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