Nazi Germany


What happened in Germany is a stark reminder of how evil the human heart can be. We all know what happened and it goes to show how evil a nation can become when human life and value of an individuals life is determined by society rather than the Creator himself. Hitler’s whole idea was to create a perfect society and wipe out everyone who did not contribute to this ideal, the Jews were the main target as well as some Christian’s who helped hide them such as Corey Tenboom and her family.

There were other victim’s besides the Jew’s such as handicap people, blind people, gypsees and basically all who would genetical interfere with his “perfect race”

The term used to describe the Utopia people was referred to as the Arian race. The evil of it was how so many of the German people agreed and sided with him and his forces known as the “Nazis”. There was so many horrible things done to people in the concentration camps including horrific medical experiments, people that were men and women both were forced to have their heads shaved and walk naked at gun point.

We do not want to ever relive another horrific time in History like that. It was a great thing when the United States intervened along with the Allies in order to defeat the enemy.

A scary thought however would be is what if the United States didn’t get involved? Or what if this happened in the United States? Who then would come to our aid? There is a subtle superiority and Utopia mentality poisoning the minds of people today here in America. A great quantity of people do not believe in a God anymore that they have to account to and if there “is no God” than they themselves individually or collectively choose what is right and wrong. The problem with this is this very thing happened in history. As the old saying goes “those who don’t learn from history the first time around are doomed to repeat it”

The point I am about to make here is not solely just 1 issue as much as the mentality behind the issue. Perfect example of this is abortion. It is now labeled as a woman’s right because some have concluded that a person is not a person if its inside the mother and she has every right to do away with it cause its inside of her. Yet we find that if the same mother lets her 2 year old drowned in the bathtub she is labeled negligent and a horrible mother (which indeed is true)

The point is not just an argument against the insidious nature of abortion but how also so many standards of “right and wrong” can be manipulated in such a way as to make evil sound like a noble thing while at the same time painting goodness and fairness in such a way as to make it look evil. Abortion is not the main topic but a supporting example of the theme of this note which is how people make evil look good.

Murder is the taking of a human life is it not? But if one can bend the rules in such a way as to make it seem as though the person is not technically human than a lot of grey areas arise and than give people an excuse (not a valid one) to end a life.

A few main arguments pro choicer’s use is rape and incest- which is a terrible sin in God’s eyes but this is contradicted when they oppose the death penalty as “inhumane” and “cruel” so indeed they favor the lives of serial killers, and rapists who often kill their victims there after.

Another argument is that we are over populated. Why then are so many of those who propose abortion as a means for population control the same people that want to legalize illegal immigrants. I have nothing against immigrants who abide by the laws and are here justly and legally but to say that babies being born should be the ones we exterminate is ridiculous if I may say.

Oh and we are familiar with the “Its my body so I can do what I want” thats not what scripture indicates, our bodies are a gift ultimately belong to God, he could kill anyone of us at any given moment. Every breath is a gift. Whether you believe in God or not we all will give an account to him. And the problem we have is all the people who reject the idea of God all together cause they don’t want to believe in a God that is in authority, they want to be the boss and want to rule their lives how they see fit. Its not a pro life or pro choice issue its really a matter of submission or rebellion. Mankind wants to rule in the place of God and in the case of Nazi Germany we see this happen at the expense of may lives. How did such an evil man gain so much power by means of persuading masses. Subtle manipulation and brainwashing. He did it in such a way as to not raise any red flags. We will never agree that just because a large majority agreed at the time in Germany that it was good. The truth is subtly we move from accepting one form of evil and as we grow more to tolerate things we lose sensation altogether of moral standard all together. It could be only a matter of times where we begin to euthanize all who do not “contribute” to our “overpopulated and utopia” society.

We see this has happened in a lot of Communist nations such as China.

The only perfect Society and Utopia is The one Christ gives to those whom belong to him when he returns. Let us then look forward to that!

Revelation 21:4 “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death” or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.’



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